Yoga teachers

Our yoga teachers bring in their own unique creativity and personality through knowledge into our studio. From calming and gentle styles to energetic and playful spirits. Our teachers offer classes for whatever you’re needing or feeling that day.

Josh Nelson
Co-Owner, E-RYT 200

An avid mountain runner and Ambassador for La Sportiva, Josh resonates the desire to draw awareness to the potential within.  Through the many practices of yoga, he draws from his own experiences to help bring the mind, body, and spirit into a more unified state.   His classes are experiential, heart centering flows that focus on each practitioners individual anatomical and energetic alignment.

Josh has been a student of multiple styles of Yoga for and received his RYT certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. Humble gratitude to my teachers Shane Perkins, Kate Moll, Sarasvati Rose, Marty Cross, Connee Pike, the Asana crew, my wife and two daughters, and everyone I meet in this beautiful life. We are all teachers to each other.

Jill Nelson
Co-Owner, E-RYT 200

Jill is a guiding light who leads by her own inspirational connection to spirit and the creative sacred forces of the divine feminine. She is known for her unique sequencing and fun loving approach to the yogic practice. Her classes range from vigorous and playful vinyasa flow to very mindful, meditative practices.

Infused with unfettered joy and passion, each class is truly an experience… a loving exploration of all the different aspects of self. Jill has been exploring her personal path of yoga for over 10 years and has been inspiring students for the past six.

In addition to her to her gifts as a yoga teacher, Jill is also a freelance graphic designer. Examples of her work can be found at

Sophie Nathenson
RYT 200, Ph.D.

Sophie has been practicing yoga and meditation since she was a child, and is inspired by nature, Taoist philosophy and energy work. Sophie is a medical sociologist and weaves in the study of health and society into her practice and teaching. Sophie is dedicated to restorative yoga, and leads deep relaxation classes that enable us to release blockages of emotional, mental, and physical tension.

Sophie received her certification in yoga teaching in 2012, along side completing a Ph.D. in medical sociology, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her most influential teachers have been Erin Menut, Peter Francyk, and Monical Andelucci. Sophie is also attuned as a Reiki practitioner and is a student of Vipassana meditation.


Tiffani Montague
RYT 300

I first found yoga in 2006 through my earlier teachings in Buddhism, but never took it seriously as my interests were more invested in a hobby of long-boarding through town. I reintroduced myself to yoga during my pregnancy in 2011 and have been teaching since early 2016.

Although my certification is with power yoga, i adore the practice of vinyasa with creative freestyle, and integrating goals of healing the physical and emotional bodies through the practice of yoga, pranayama, meditation and other ayurvedic practices.

Renee Frye
RYT 200

Renee’ strives to heal on all levels focusing on improving mental, physical and spiritual health through lifestyle changes and awareness of environmental toxins through the use of natural products, essential oils and energy work to cultivate a more sustainable lifestyle.

A wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit embracing the essence of who you are — your core self at your most authentic- the part of you that is a presence of intense power- of inherent enlightened nature.

You were born with an incredible gift – one that is so beautiful, so profound, so magnificent that words can barely begin to describe it. This gift is the spark of infinite wisdom that lives within you. Making a strong and lasting connection with your essential spirit is the key to a life full of health, happiness, and success!

JoAnna Adkisson
RYT 200

With a background in biochemistry, physiology, and development studies, JoAnna’s approach to yoga is one that honors the individual needs of the body and empowers people to take health back into their own hands. JoAnna has studied yoga since 2010, finally steeping herself in teaching traditions in 2015 after providing yoga classes to marginalized communities abroad.

Through the experience of teaching yoga in a wide range of environments from at-risk communities in the American South to providing classes for women in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, JoAnna has marked her teaching with authentic, non-judgmental and compassion-centered philosophies. By combining playful and creative asanas, accessible meditations, and intentional pranayama, JoAnna’s classes provide an opportunity to explore the depths of self and our engagement with the world beyond ourselves. “Yoga is a way to focus within, and by doing so, expand our awareness, bringing increased responsibility to live in alignment with the men and women we came here to be.”


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