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Our yoga workshops vary from 2-hr hatha, vinyasa, seasonal focus, guest teachers, partner yoga, family yoga and even weekend-long intensives like “Intro to Yoga 101”. Check below to see what’s coming up for the season!

Sign Up for Our workshops on YogaTrail up to two days before the event. After that, come into the store. All workshops must have a minimum of 5 pre-registered for event to take place!




Restorative Assists Workshop



Drawing upon restorative techniques, this workshop will introduce postures and prana intended to restore the nervous system, heal ailments, and bring mental and spiritual harmony.

As a beautiful compliment to the deep release found in a restorative practice, this class will give an introduction to marma points (marmani) and hands-on adjustments (sparshna) that are marma specific. We won’t stop with words though – these assists will be offered generously in the latter portion of the class, giving way to a luxurious savasana.


Paddleboard Yoga

Teacher: JoAnna Adkisson
Date: Saturday, August 5
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
$80 Package (includes board)
$65 Workshop

– Early Bird 15% off till July 5 and August 1 –

Summer is here and so is the opportunity to blend our Oregonian propensity towards the outdoors with our love of yoga in this lighthearted yet challenging workshop. Reinvigorate your practice with the mental and muscular challenge of performing all of your favorite postures atop a stand up paddleboard.


Familiarity with basic yoga postures is recommended, as is sun block, an open mind, and a light spirit!

Package price includes paddleboard rental and pre-workshop rigging.

Workshop pricing is available for those who choose to bring their own board. However, kindly let us know in advance so that we can confirm the boards compatibility with our rigging system.

Furthermore, please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop to set your board up.



Sound Healing Heart Opening Workshop

Teacher: Anna Keppen
Date:  Wednesday, August 9
Time: 7:00pm
$30 Members
$35 NonMembers

 – Early Bird 15% off till August 5 –

Join us for a evening of healing with sound, yoga, and opening the heart.

This workshop will be a synthesis of heart opening yin yoga, guided meditation and sound healing. Sound Healing offers a restorative and melodic way to heal the body, mind and spirit through shared vibrational resonance.

Join Anna Keppen as she guides you through a beautiful journey of ancient sound healing techniques using musical instruments such as the Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls, Gong, Native American Flute, and Harmonium. Experience the transformational power of healing traditions from around the world!

Come open your heart and relax!

Nauli | Discover Your Core

Teacher: Tiffani Montague
Date:  Saturday, August 19
Time: 3:00 – 5:00pm
$30 Members
$35 NonMembers

 – Early Bird 15% off till August 14 –
Nauli Kriya, a practice for any dedicated yogi looking to deepen their practice. Together we’ll discover the bandhas, unlock the path to advancing our practice, and learn the benefits of the nauli practice.


Intro to Essential Oils

Date:  Saturday, June 3
Time: 1:00 – 2:30pm
Date:  Saturday, July 29
Time: 10:30 – 12:00pm
Teacher: Jill Nelson
Cost: FREE
Location: Call/Text Jill Nelson at 541.281.4923 for address


You will be educated and empowered to use [certified pure therapeutic grade] essential oils for you and your family’s wellness. Use them to clean your yoga mat, apply to sore or injured muscles, help with focus and meditation, or almost anything you can think of, including digestion support, allergy relief, difficulty sleeping, head tension and so much more. If you are interested in providing a natural solution to your family’s wellness, this class is for you.


RSVP: call/text Jill at 541-281-4923


We try to offer this class often. So check back soon for more classes!

If you would like to host a class and receive a free gift, if you can’t seem to make the scheduled classes, or if you’re interested in more information email Jill Nelson or call at 541-887-8230.


*Member rates are for monthly, quarterly and annual members only.


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