Yoga Workshops and Events

2017 Spring Yoga Workshops


Our yoga workshops vary from 2-hr hatha, vinyasa, seasonal focus, guest teachers, partner yoga, family yoga and even weekend-long intensives like “Intro to Yoga 101”. Check below to see what’s coming up for the season! We’ll update the new workshops when the new schedule begins.  All workshops must have a minimum of 5 pre-registered for event to take place!


Santosha Trust Flow followed by an optional Truth Circle

Teacher: Renee Frye
Date:  Saturday, May 6
Time: 1:00 – 4:00pm
$20 Member pre-registration (through May 5 at 6pm)
$25 pre-registration (through May 5 at 6pm)
$30 late-registration/Drop-in


The Sanskrit word Santosha, divides into two parts: sam, meaning completely or entirely, and tosha, meaning acceptance, satisfaction, and contentment. Together they create a word that means complete acceptance or contentment. Santosha can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around; we cannot form authentic and sustainable relationships with others until we have a strong connection to self.

In this workshop we will learn to trust ourselves and others as we align our bodies, we learn to find acceptance and laughter as we each pick a challenging pose to overcome. The whole class supports each other completely as we all attempt each pose that is a challenge, finding Santosha along the way through support, acceptance and contentment in ourselves and others! All levels welcome there is a modification for every pose!


Optional Truth Circle

“Satya” is a yogic principle of truth and authenticity, helping people uncover the genuine lives they want to live. There is only one truth and it does not change, everything else is just opinion. From here, we will form a Satya truth circle accepting, honored embracing all emotions and energies, allowing us to release attachment, judgment and ego of self & others as we learn to navigate our truth.

Family Yoga

Teacher:  JoAnna Adkisson
Date:  Saturday, May 14
Time:  3:00 – 4:15pm
Rates includes 1 adult & 1 child
$30 pre-registration (through May 13 at 4pm)
$35 late-registration/Drop-in

Join us in some family fun this Mother’s Day as parents and children alike explore simple animated poses, breathing exercises, rhythm and sound, and basic partnering that helps to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. We’ll bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and flutter our wings in butterfly, while we take a yoga journey that your child will never forget!

Ages 6 and up welcome. We kindly request one child to adult (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians welcome). 


Intro to Essential Oils

Date:  tba
Cost: FREE


You will be educated and empowered to use [certified pure therapeutic grade] essential oils for you and your family’s wellness. Use them to clean your yoga mat, apply to sore or injured muscles, help with focus and meditation, or almost anything you can think of, including digestion support, allergy relief, difficulty sleeping, head tension and so much more. If you are interested in providing a natural solution to your family’s wellness, this class is for you.


We try to offer this class often. So check back soon for more classes!

If you’re interested in more information or if you can’t seem to make the scheduled classes, email Jill Nelson or call at 541-887-8230.